Unique landingspot for Electricity companies

New landingspot for companies in electrification on former KEMA site called the Electricity Campus at Arnhems Buiten

Arnhems Buiten Zoetenlab
Arnhems Buiten Architecture interieur
Arnhems Buiten Kookplaats
Arnhems Buiten Architecture
Arnhems Buiten Architecture
Arnhems Buiten Architecture interieur
Arnhems Buiten Architecture
Arnhems Buiten Architecture

The Electricity Campus at Arnhems Buiten is a beautifully landscaped business park with several monumental buildings which house prominent companies and institutions such as the Dutch electricity transmission manager TenneT, the high-quality test labs of Kema, and the international consultancy firm DNV. The captivating park is a contemporary and inspiring work location for (knowledge) institutions and knowledge-intensive companies that work on the current energy transition. Many campus facilities can be found in the park and its immediate vicinity, including meeting & conference facilities, a brasserie, a start-up center, flex spaces, sports facilities, and short-stay housing.

Long-term Vision

The Electricity Campus is located near Arnhem Central station which has a direct connection with two international airports (Amsterdam and Dusseldorf). This station is also the mainstation of the highspeed train to Germany and France. The emphasis is on accessibility via sustainable (shared) transportation. Constant investments are made to further strengthen the high-quality green environment and its resilience. The park will be made more sustainable in the coming years with its own energy generation, sustainable installations, and intelligent exchange and balancing systems. The historic buildings will be made more sustainable in phases.

Community Services & Facilities

The central theme is excellence in reliability, service, safety, and appearance. We have the best of both worlds at The Electricity Campus: interaction between excellent international parties and inspiring new ideas. And all this in an amazing, green environment.

The Electricity Campus has a significant legacy in R&D, thanks to its KEMA past. The park will be further developed in the coming years, further strengthening the R&D landscape. The R&D focuses on digitizing the components on high- and medium-voltage grids, substations, and the use of open data and AI for, among other things, predictive maintenance, energy exchange, and grid optimization. Investments are made to develop shared facilities. Three buildings in the heart of the campus have been selected for this purpose.

The Electricity Campus is part of the worldwide well-known Arnhem Energy Hotspot, which is built around Kema since 1927. This includes a big cluster of national and international companies related to electrification, with close cooperations between institutes and universities. They all have access to test and validationlabs and demofields and are facilitated by a cooperation program called connectr which connect two important campussen Arnhems Buiten and IPKW. Strong focus is also on the Start up community. These facilities are present and housed in the prominent heart of the businesspark where international recruitment is a hot topic.

“The park will be made more sustainable in the coming years with its own energy generation, sustainable installations, and intelligent exchange and balancing systems.”

Leisure (sports, congress)

Fitness facilities, tennis courts, conference & meeting centers, various biking, hiking, and mountain bike trails.


Around 450 parking spaces spread over the park, including loading infrastructure on request.

Park management

  • Site-related services: National monument park, hospitality center, childcare, brasserie/lunchroom,
  • Building-related services: High-speed internet, Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, pantry facilities


The public-private partnership between Oost NL and City Developer-S owns The Electricity Campus. The joint focus is to further strengthen a high-quality and knowledge-intensive environment with a key position in the current energy transition. Stimulating and driving the regional sustainable economy is central to this, which is done by strengthening cooperation in a high-quality, unique, green environment.


Various companies, international headquarters, and institutions have relocated to The Electricity Campus in recent years or have always been located here. This community is constantly changing and rapidly growing. Redeveloping 50 to 100-year-old energy labs leads to constantly emerging new inspiring environments to work, discover and innovate in.


Education and Research: Ca 1-5 Company buildings: Ca 25 Housing (students): 15 studios


The Electricity Campus
Thijs van Dieren and Bram Trip
Utrechtsweg 310
6812 AR Arnhem
+31 (0)26 352 30 00

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